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Haruka Studio was founded in 2016 by two web and IT enthusiasts, with the aim of offering personalized solutions and project monitoring adapted to each client.

Where do we come from ?
Where do we come from ?

It was in 2016 that Haruka Studio found its roots, through the association of Quentin and Nelson, the first being Web Developer, the other being passionate about IT since his younger years.

Their goal was to offer their clients a creative studio experience as far as possible from traditional agencies, by providing them with solutions and creative ideas while maintaining a family philosophy where good humor and benevolence are the key words.

Haruka Studio was thus born: a digital studio on a human scale, which never ceases to want to satisfy you as well as possible, to develop your ideas towards the concrete, with your imagination and ours as the only limits.

Agile and Scrum
Agile and Scrum

To ensure quality work throughout the development process, we adopt an Agile approach for all the projects we work on. This method allows maximum flexibility, adapting to the needs of each project.

The preferred framework for Haruka Studio is Scrum, which allows delivery in "iteration": doing so, each part of the project can be cut into smaller parts, which can be delivered quickly. Your project can therefore be made available to your customers within a short period of time. This framework also allows us to be reactive to change, or to modifications of your priorities.

Scrum also allows our team to self-manage: it can indeed self-assess, based on past achievements, on the time spent developing a feature, which allows us to give you estimates the closest to reality.

Yop, I'm Quentin...

Passionate since my childhood by IT and Web development, I studied IT project management at the ISFSC from which I graduated in 2008. I quickly turned to a career as a developer Web, specialized in the management of large-scale applications. Today I am also responsible for project management within Haruka Studio for all our clients.

My passion: making a lot of noise while entertaining people

...and I'm Nelson!

After a first professional life in the field of animal welfare, I decided in 2017 to reorient myself towards my first passion: computers and helping people. So I began studies as a PC / helpdesk technician, from which I graduated in September 2020. Since then, I have been using my skills for management and IT support within Haruka Studio.

My passion: to offer chocolate to anyone who crosses my path

Project Management

Haruka Studio guides you in the your projects's management, whether they are small or large. We master all the tools allowing us to offer you the most suitable support for your needs.

Among other things, we have all the necessary qualities for the drafting of functional, business and technical analyzes, the day-to-day follow-up of your requests, or even the management of roadmaps for your various productions.

Website creation

Whether you need a showcase for your company, or a complex application to manage your appointments or your stocks, Haruka Studio can help you!

We work with the latest technology to provide you and your customers with a pleasant and modern user experience. We develop "Mobile First", which means that our sites and applications are above all designed to be easily usable on any mobile device (Smartphone, Tablets, etc.).

Brand identity

To exist, your company needs a coherent identity on the different media. Your communication is strengthened when your visual identity is striking and recognizable at first glance.

Haruka Studio helps you find and develop a unique visual identity, just like you. Logo, business card, flyers, we can offer you the variation of your identity according to your needs.

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